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Data Acquisition Coordination

In the 2003 regular session the Legislature passed and the Governor signed House Bill No. 861. This law is now referenced in Mississippi Code Annotated §25-58-21 (Revised 2003). This law, available in its entirety by following the "Enabling Legislation" link in the left navigation panel of this web site, established the Mississippi Coordinating Council for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems. Among its other responsibilities the Council shall, "set and assure enforcement of policies and standards to make it easier for remote sensing and geographic information system users around the state to share information and 
to facilitate cost-sharing arrangements to reduce the cost of acquiring remote sensing and geographic information system data."..."The Council's responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

One of the necessary steps in coordination and potential cost-reduction is for the Council to know who is planning to acquire remote sensing data, like aerial imagery, or developing geographic information system (GIS) data, such as road center lines or addresses. Notification in the early planning stages will be essential.

An interactive application has been developed to collect and report information regarding GIS projects in Mississippi. Please follow the links below to:

(A) Coordination of remote sensing and geographic information system activities within Mississippi."


For more information please contact:

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